J.D. Hurd Legacy Scholarship


Two students were selected for the two (2) $500.00 J. D. Hurd Scholarship Awards.

The recipients were:
Anita Crethers
Darrell Augustine

To date we have awarded $15,000.00 to the general operations fund of Paul Quinn College.

Overview and General Description

The Bishop College Alumni Association and Paul Quinn College funds the J. D. Hurd Legacy Scholarship.   The scholarship is for supplemental assistance for students who are directly related to Bishop College/Paul Quinn Alumnus.   The areas that may be considered for the scholarship support includes (any or a combination of) fees, tuition, room and board.   The Office of Student Financial Aid will administer the scholarship.   The awards per student will be in the amount up to, but not to exceed $500.00 per student.   the number of scholarships awarded shall be left to the discretion of the Scholarship Committee in conjunction with the Office of Financial Aid, based on the student's economic need and academic qualifications.   More specific information is provided about this under the "Eligibility Criteria".   This scholarship is not transferable.

Administration of the Scholarship

The College will administer the funds for the scholarship with its placement in the College's permanently restricted endowment fund. The administration of the fund will follow the College's policy of using the annual income from the endowment for awarding scholarships.   The permanent restriction prohibits the use of the principal.   The annual income is to be paid at the beginning of the fall academic term(s) following the most recent quarter of the reported earnings.   Also, the income paid cannot exceed the accumulated earnings for the reporting period of the recent quarter. Eligibility and Selection Criteria For consideration of the scholarship, individuals must meet the prescribed criteria. The selection criteria includes: •  Students must be matriculates with the status of a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior at Paul Quinn College. •  The cumulative grade point average must be 2.50 •  No specific denomination and religious affiliation•  The demonstration of a financial need, based on the completion of the results from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as noted by the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) Following the award of the scholarship, the following criteria must be met: •  All of the aforementioned; and •  The participation in and completion of 50 hours of designated community service for the academic year with an assignment pre-approved by the Scholarship Committee. Continuation of the scholarship is based upon an annual review in keeping with the aforementioned criteria.

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